Lazy Casey

Lazy Casey

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Been awhile

Hello all, I've been remiss in keeping up with my Casey stories.  Not that there haven't been many, she is one crazy dog!    We figure we have about one more year of insane puppy/teenager antics, but I hope not all of her personality "grows up."

She has started chewing blankets, her bed, socks....soft stuff again.  She pretty much stopped that when we introduced the bully stick, which she is now addicted to.  That and the Checkups dental chews and the Kirkland dental chews and.....well you get the point.  Not sure why she wants to take on the soft stuff, maybe it's just a comfort thing.

Now she doesn't want to eat her breakfast, not that she is full, more that she is like a child that doesn't want lima beans.  I have to insist that she eats her dog food before she gets any treats and it is a battle.  Casy is one stubborn dog, the DIVA of all DIVA's!!

So far I am winning, but she is stealth with her power....and her antics just make me laugh.

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