Lazy Casey

Lazy Casey

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Did you hear the one about.......

Casey is 2 now and we've had her a year.  Her social skills have been a bit hit or miss and that is mostly our fault for not socializing her properly.  Lately we have been trying to get her introduced to more people and more dogs.  So far we have been pretty lucky.  Well, except for the peanut butter incident......

Casey, like all dogs, loves food.  She was a bit food aggressive when we first brought her home, but again, my fault.  Never give a ham bone to a dog that has been on the streets and came from the pound.  Let me rephrase that, don't give and then try to TAKE a ham bone in this situation.  We got through that and after a year I thought all was good. 

Casey has a "cousin" of sorts, Maylene....  Maylene has been coming over to swim and play with Casey.  The first time went great, they played like crazy and had so much fun.  The second time....not so good.  Both were in the pool and then after they got out for a bit, I had this great brainstorm to give them each a frozen peanut butter treat I had made. The food aggression came back, so bad that I had to pick Casey up and haul her off to her crate.

Poor Maylene (who is twice her size) seemed scared to death...  After a bit I let Casey out and she really seemed sorry and wanted to play.  After a bit they made up and had a blast, but have to say it was pretty spooky for a moment there.  No one was sure what would or could happen next.  As you can see however, they look to be best of buds now, or so it one but those two really know what was being said....

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