Lazy Casey

Lazy Casey

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The pit in the park.

Well we did it, we broke down and took the wild thing to the dog park.  My husband was prepared for a bloodbath.  I know I was NOT prepared for what happened. 

Nothing happened.....I mean really, nothing happened.  Casey was like the shy wallflower at a school dance.  Every time she went up to another dog, they sniffed her, decided she doesn't eat anything worthwhile and moved on.

She spent most the day wondering around looking for a friend.  As her mommy, I felt so bad, I kept pushing her over to groups of other dogs and as soon as she got there, they dispersed. UGGGHHH, the other dogs don't like our baby!!  How could that be??!!??  Don't they see how cute she is, how special she is? 

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