Lazy Casey

Lazy Casey

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gimme shelter

It's getting to that that time of year that we all need to think about shelter for pets that spend time outdoors.  Even in sunny California the weather gets quite cold and wet, so it is important that we provide adequate shelter that will keep them warm and dry.

Small dogs and dogs that have very little fat and fur need some extra help.  All the pet stores now carry sweaters and coats that will provide insulation during walks and the times they spend outdoors.  In addition, a dog house, an area with an awning, something to protect them from the rain and cold can be easy to provide.

Take a look at the picture below.  We made this for Casey, it may not be pretty, but it was easy and inexpensive to make and is functional.  The bed has a wood base that keeps it off the ground, that prevents it from getting wet during the rain and being off the ground makes it warmer.  The awning was made with pvc and a piece of tarp stapled to a wood strip on the top.  We have it against the house for additional warmth and shelter from the wind.  We added a piece of plywood to block the wind from the other side, it can be moved or removed depending on the weather.

Look around your garage, you probably have most of what you can use to make life a little better for your special pet.

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