Lazy Casey

Lazy Casey

Monday, December 19, 2011

Planet Dog

Great Pet Stuff Plus is proud to be carrying Planet Dog products! They offer cozy-hemp collars, harnesses and leashes - all eco-friendly naturally dyed hemp.  The collars and harness' are all fleece lined to avoid chafing and provide an extra level of comfort. 

When our Jake had his neck injury, the vet told us we needed to use a harness with him.  Dogs that are pullers really need to be on a harness to prevent injuries to their fragile discs.  I wish we had him on a harness from day one. 

Planet Dog proudly donates 2% of every sale to our non-profit arm, the Planet Dog Foundation, to fund the training, placement and support of dogs working to help people in need. Over the last decade, we have contributed more than $750,000 in cash grants and in-kind donations to exemplary non-profits throughout the country. (from

Check out our site for all the great pet stuff!  We have people stuff too!

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