Lazy Casey

Lazy Casey

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Queen of the Diva's.

Casey is a DIVA, not one in training, but the Queen of Diva's.  Just under 2, she has mastered being a total princess.

She loves to lie in the sun on what is now her chaise lounge and she must have her toys and her favorite blanket.  It's a crack-up to watch.  She goes into her crate in the garage and one-by-one, drags her possessions out the doggie door and oh so carefully, arranges them on the chaise.  She fluffs up the blanket at the foot of the chaise and rotates that and the armrest to use for her pillow.  She also repeatably turns over, as if she is trying to insure each side gets an equal amount of sun.

Then we have her bully sticks.....  I buy her the 12" ones, in bulk I might add...and she just loves them.  The Diva comes to town when she gets about half-way down.  If I take one of the sticks away, after she has had half of it and try to give it back to her later, well let's just say that's LEFTOVERS and DIVA's do NOT eat leftovers.

She is pretty much the same about everything.  Her new bed is not just right so she won't use it, she lies down on the floor next to it, as if she is the princess and the pea is under that new bed.  Her meals and treats have to be just so, she has actually looked at me as if to say Really??

All said and done, I wouldn't change a thing, she is a crazy, nutty diva dog and we just love her! 

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