Lazy Casey

Lazy Casey

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The dog in the yard goes round and round.....

Does your dog have what we call spaz attacks?  Casey has these moments where she just goes round and round in a big circle in the yard.  She goes so fast that she is almost parallel to the ground.  I think she just needs to burn off her energy, but sometimes when she slows down she looks at you like you are bait.

Being a mixed breed pound dog we really don't know what she is, other than lab.  She looks like she has greyhound, she is crazy like a chihuahua and at times has the glare of a mad pit bull.  I suppose we could get a DNA test, but that won't change the fact that she is just plain nuts and does the craziest things.

She has another nutzie thing she does after my husband & I finish dinner.  I put a handful of kibble in her dish and let her out of her crate.  She makes a mad dash for the bowl, grabs a few bits of food and then runs to the door to the backyard.  Sometimes I think she actually huffs and stomps her paws when I don't let her out quickly enough.  She thens runs to each corner of the yard barking like crazy, as if she is telling everyone something terribly important.  Once she has gotten all the dogs in the neighborhood barking along, she runs back to the house and finishes her food.  Mission accomplished!!

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