Lazy Casey

Lazy Casey

Monday, February 20, 2012

We love our crazy dog!

She is insane, crazy, nutty and down-right OUT THERE!  Do you have a dog like that?  We never know quite what to expect from her.  Once moment she is the sweetest little girl ever and then she does something you just didn't expect.  My husband lovingly calls her NutCase.

One of the things she just loves to do is jump straight up into the air, like a living pogo stick. She actually bounces like she is spring-loaded, which is one of my pet names for her.

Another one of her favorite things is to stick her cold (very cold) wet (very wet) nose everywhere.  Bare  skin is her preference, as well as other places a dogs nose just does not belong!!  Outside, any hole in the ground is a target for that nose.  The other day it came out of some hole sneezing for minutes, one day I'm afraid her nose just won't be on her face anymore.  Our crazy little bundle of fur, we just can't get enough of her.  She keeps us laughing and that in itself is worth all the craziness!

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