Lazy Casey

Lazy Casey

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Here comes the airplane.

Casey no longer likes her breakfast. She used to sit next to me,  looking up lovingly while I prepared her morning meal.  Now she hides behind me like a toddler afraid of what might be lurking in the bowl.

Nothing has changed, just one day she decided that she would rather chew a bully stick than have dogfood.  I have created a bully monster...and now I'm paying the price.

It sit on the floor next to her bowl, like the fool I am.  Offering up a bit of kibble or sardine to coax her closer to the dish.  She just burys her nose in my arm.  Maybe she just decided she doesn't like the bit of sardine after-all.  Maybe it's because it was Jake's favorite and she knows that and wants to be her own dog??!!??  Or maybe, just maybe she is spoiled rotten and knows she has complete control. 

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