Lazy Casey

Lazy Casey

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Back in 2003, my husband & I adopted our first dog, Jake, he will always be known to us as the best dog ever.  We lost him in June and even now I tear up thinking about him.  He was such a joy and will always be remembered.

It was harder than I thought to lose our dog, I've lost many pets over the years, but his loss was the most difficult.  Given that, the decision to adopt again was hard, but we knew it was the right thing to do.  Never will a new dog dimish the love we have for Jake.

Now for Casey, wow, not even sure how to begin.  She is a little over a year old and when we saw her at the pound we thought she was a starving dog found wandering the streets.  Her ribs and vertebrae stuck out like she hadn't had a decent meal in months.  I even thought she might have been rescued from a horder.  We didn't even think about adopting her because we wanted a dog that wouldn't get much bigger than 30-35 pounds and she was listed as a lab mix and once she got healthy she could top the scales as 60 pounds or more.

After weeks of going to every dog adoption event we heard about, driving all over the place to visit every pound we could find, the frustration was setting in.  With all these dogs, how could it be that we couldn't find just one perfect dog for us???   It only took one day to find Jake!  Then one afternoon, sitting on our patio, my husband & I almost at the same second, blurted out, "what about Butters?"  That was her pound name, Butters....I call her Buttercup sometimes now......when she's being sweet....  We started talking about her and both felt that she was the one, we could work around the size issue and maybe she wouldn't get that large.  So the next day we went to put in our application and brought the little bundle of joy home.  And so it began......

Casey, as we decided to name her, turns out to be a mutt, she is part lab; her face and paws, part Italian Greyhound; her body and coat, and part monster.  :-)

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  1. Casey is one lucky dog to be a member of your family. Congratulations and good luck with her.


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