Lazy Casey

Lazy Casey

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Days

Went to pick Casey up first thing after we got home.  I was hoping she would be ok, but as soon as we entered the building I heard a dog wimpering.  My first thought was that she has been crying the entire week, but no, she was sound asleep.  I watched through the window as the vet tech went to wake her.   She recognized him and started wagging her tail, trauma so far!

Out she comes, still a bit sleepy and then she went crazy.  Spinning, jumping, making weird noises that only she knew the meaning of.  I had to pin her down so my husband could get her harness on and out we go, 30 pounds dragging us along to the car.

As soon as we pulled into the driveway she figured out she was home and her tail started going a 100 miles an hour!  Once inside the house she ran from room to room making sure it was all still there.  After that, the same for the backyard, HER backyard.  Then she was a good feeling to know she bounced back so quickly.

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