Lazy Casey

Lazy Casey

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Over-Protective Mom.

My husband & I are leaving for a week-long trip soon and I will be honest, I am freaking out a little bit. We boarded Jake at our vet's office many times, but everyone there knew him and he was quite a celebrity.  This will be the first time for Casey since we got her from the pound. 

I already have her trip bag started; a rope toy and her Kong (with the tube of peanut butter,) biscuits for before bed, all her dry food individually bagged and her mid-day wet food snack in individual styrofoam containers.  I want to send over a shirt with our scent on it, but she is a chewer and I know she will end up eating it.  I also am packing a bottle of Melatonin; I am a firm believer in using that to calm an anxious dog.  I gave a pill to Casey every night at bed-time for the first week we had her.  She slept great, no problems being in her crate, worked like a charm!

Our vet's office also has doggie playgroup, we took her there twice, and she came back both times in a funk.  A day or so after she had her second playgroup visit, we were walking in the neighborhood and a 4-5 pound ball of white fluff came running out of a house towards us. Casey went nuts, so crazy I had to put my body on top of her just to keep her from breaking her back.  She was whimpering, flipping all over the place, it was all I could do to keep her from hurting herself.  I think maybe she was with some aggressive small dogs and had a bad experience at there.  I was really hoping she would like it, it would be a definite plus for when she will be boarded.  All I can do is hope her time passes quickly and she will forget it all once we pick her up!

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