Lazy Casey

Lazy Casey

Monday, October 3, 2011

I chews me.....

Casey, Casey.....she is a chewer, is that the lab in her?  Jake didn't chew, never had to worry about leaving him alone.  With Casey, you leave her for a few seconds and she has your sock in her mouth, take that away and then it's a slipper. She loves to lay on her back and start nawing on her leg, front leg, back leg, doesn't matter, she rotates.  When she does that I think she has no idea that it's a part of her, it's like her tail.  She will be in her crate and wagging her tail like a nutcase, looking all over to see what's in there with her. 

There is something about shelter dogs, you have no idea what breeds are mixed in there and what the dog has been through.  We know Casey is part Lab, she looks like she is part Greyhound, she has blue spots on her tongue, maybe Chow too??  There is that crazed look she gets when she goes know, the running in circles, low to the ground...comes at you with a mad dog face.  I'm thinking some day I will be found half eaten with a very calm, happy dog laying by my side. 

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