Lazy Casey

Lazy Casey

Friday, October 7, 2011

Stress less.

I am not an expert, I am not a veterinarian, just a doggie mommy who has had to deal with dog stress. Our dog Jake was afraid of everything; brooms, ladders, the bbq, helicoptors and oddly enough, contrails.  He was also afraid of rain, wind and loud noises.  Casey isn't so bad, but she has her moments.

Casey is a protector, she knows it is her job to protect her new home.  She really likes it here and wants to make sure she stays and everyone and everything besides me & my husband go.  She is part hound dog and on occassion sniffs out some unsuspecting ant, piece of lint, leaf or any other intruder of her turf.  Then she goes nuts...nose to the ground, frantic looks at the front door, running around looking for that bad thing she smells.  Sometimes this can spiral her into a full-blown panic-attack where she tucks her tail, whimpers and trembles like crazy.

Time to bring out the arsenal, there are two things that without a doubt help calm dogs down.  Benadryl and Melatonin.  Check with your vet regarding your dog and dosages.  I have given both my dogs these drugs and I can tell you they work!  Calms them down wonderfully!  Melatonin has been promoted for separation anxiety too, read up on it and ask your vet.  Lastly there is a wonderful product called the Thundershirt.  It's a shirt that fits snugly around the torso and calms them down considerably.  Check them out @  I wish I had heard about this when we had Jake because it works great for Casey and looks good too!

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