Lazy Casey

Lazy Casey

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Did I mention Casey is a chewer?  Not a power house that can demolish a chair in 15 minutes, but a chewer in her own right.  In the first two weeks we had her, she managed to eat part of the BBQ Island, various blankets, garden gloves, part of a patio chair and a hand rake, which has not come out to my knowledge.  My husband thinks I'm insane, I go thru her poop on a daily basis still waiting for that two inch piece of the rake to work its way out. 
She has graduated to Kong Extreme, and a toy called the Huck, anything besides those toys gets a nice trip through her digestive system.  She ate a Nylabone in a day and had flecks of white plastic in her poop, did I happen to mention I go thru her poop???  I'm sick, I know.  I find bark, bits of her rope toys and lots of plastic, she really likes plastic for some reason.  She has cleaned the backyard out though, she found an old roll of contractor tape, various pieces of roofing material and other stuff the contractors have left over the years.  Her best discovery was a rat carcass, hollowed out from the ants. Nice....

Our vet suggested a citronella collar with a remote, to break her of the destructive chewing habit.  I never had the nerve to employ it though.  It just seems too mean and who can watch her all day to catch her in the act.  He is against rawhide, hooves, bones and bully sticks, but I caved.  I now buy bully sticks in bulk, I figure a bully stick HAS to be better than a garden rake.

Since the bully stick discovery, we get the 12 inch braided ones.  She has less desire to chew parts of the house or backyard, and it's like a pacifier to her.  Just don't try taking it away, it makes the monster come out.

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